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This year, 2022 is a milestone year in my life. I am going to make a post come Labor Day, as Labor Day 2022 marks 20 years since the incident depicted in this video and my father's book.

20 years ago I was arrested for destruction of property and unlawful entry when in the midst of a psychotic break, I broke into a stranger's house and destroyed some property. This story is told in the upcoming Ken Burn's produced documentary by the Ewer's brothers, HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT - Youth Mental Illness.

It is also told in this music video directed by Rachelle Etienne-Robinson and shot by HumbleMonarch Recordings. The actual song is a hybrid of two songs I wrote in 2007, "Mental Hospital" and "Live Life". It was re-recorded in 2021 by David Cieri and his Freshsemble.

The music video contains my hospital intake photo, my actual mugshot, and footage from the documentary. It also has a trigger warning as it contains lyrics about sensitive subjects.

Enjoy "LIVE LIFE"!!!

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