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Earleybird on Schizophrenia: Three Moms In The Trenches

I was a guest on the podcast: Schizophrenia: Three Moms In The Trenches.

His challenges with mental health are documented in his father, Pete Earley's 2007 best selling book, "Crazy - A Father's Search Through America's Mental Health Madness", which chronicles his 2002 incident where Kevin broke into a stranger's house and took a bubble bath before being apprehended by the police. His work deals with mental health, race, privilege and resilience through adversity. He speaks to inspire and resolve stigma through art. He currently works with youth who live with mental health issues and helps mentor them to recover from their respective challenges. We Ask about: Kevin’s Story - from breaking into the house to being invited to the White House This is My Brave Hiding in Plain Sight (Documentary) Kevin’s Art Kevin’s Music Pete’s Book - Kevin’s initial reaction and later thoughts Work as a peer specialist Healing Power of Sound and Music

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