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NOW IN STOCK!!!  This album will not be available on streaming services until November, but you can now order the new 2021 Earleybird album, "TIME HUMBLES" available on a custom watch-shaped USB drive.  17 tracks of new Earleybird music, "Time Humbles" is a new album from Earleybird.  Covering topics such as wealth inequality, sexism, trauma, love, and the slow march of time towards the inevitability of death, Earleybird manages to talk about facing all of these issues with dignity, grace, and resolve.


This album is a masterwork in Earleybird's oeuvre and a good starting point for anyone who wants to catch up on his work, plus the collectability of the watch is a fantastic keepsake.  The design of the watch is based on a clock painted by Earleybird's grandfather.

"TIME HUMBLES" New album on custom watch USB drive

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