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New Album "REBEL DIARY" is an anagram for EARLEYBIRD.


Originally created as a double album, this project contains 20 tracks and one intro.  Featuring guest appearances by brownpaperdollpoetry, D-Vo, Native Preacher, Ama'd, DJ Crazdigga and Blackheart Gun.


Now available through the website, available for pre-order on Itunes, and it will be streaming on all DSP's in September, the album is called REBEL DIARY, which is an anagram for EARLEYBIRD.


Every single element of my new album, REBEL DIARY, was well-thought-out and carefully executed. Every sound effect, deliberate pause, kick, 808, and instrument was sonically crafted and put together to give the listener the most rewarding experience.


I aim for replay value, and there are motifs and themes in the lyrics, as well as how they are being delivered. My guest features all did excellent work and my engineer Tynz married the low end of the baselines, kick drums, and 808s with the frequencies of the lyrics and melodies. I have made over 40 albums, and I have never been as satisfied with one as this one.


I spent the last two years writing, recording, and tinkering, and in several cases, I threw entire beats out and restructured them from scratch because I wanted REBEL DIARY to be a perfect, undeniable, breakthrough listen from the start to the finish with no skips and no filler.

I want this to be my masterpiece album, and every single element was well thought out, considered, reconsidered, and eventually finalized with the expectation that it fulfills the potential that music has to be thought-provoking, catchy, artistic, and powerful. I want these songs, concepts, ideas, and earworms to bury themselves deep in your psyche and haunt your being. I want you to be moved and feel every single emotion I tried to convey.


The physical copies of the album arrive tomorrow. If you live in NoVA and want to buy a copy, I’m selling it for twenty dollars (it’s technically a double album, even though it fits on a single disc). I will drive anywhere reasonable in NoVA to hand deliver a copy to anyone interested. Anyone else not in the area will be able to purchase on my website.


I set out to create an album that would hang with the Illmatics, the All Eyez On Mes, the Only Built for Cuban Linx.., the Pet Sounds, the What’s Going On’s, the Neverminds, and the Thrillers…




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