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2020 Earleybird album coming soon on vinyl!  Preorder now!! Limited edition!!!  Coming soon on clear vinyl with a sleek packaging exterior.


Kevin “Earleybird” Earley’s love for hip-hop goes back decades, as he wrote and performed his first raps in elementary school at the age of seven years old. His rap name was given to him by a childhood friend, a pun based on his last name. Now, several decades later in the game, Earleybird has teamed up with female pop starlet Maria to put out a breed of melodic Rap and R&B that diligently combines a duet of perfectly balanced blend of old school sensibilities and today’s modern aura on his newest record Everything Is Imaginary.


This ten-track juggernaut meshes a signature sound that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving the listener a dose of old school Hip Hop countless Rap fans still yearn for along with today’s more modern calibre. Earleybird‘s meaningful, wholesome and undeniably real lyrics are cleverly executed with a mid-range approach with poetic justice often at the helm of his witty lyrical punchlines. Meanwhile, after some straightforward verses, in comes feature artist Maria with her higher-range vocal approach that is blissful and beautifully crafted.


Each artist compliments the other, and ultimately resonates into a full-on duet album with a formulaic and multifaceted nature. Each track is supercharged with powerful vocals and versatile melodies rarely heard in a combination comprised in this way. It has a futuristic overtone with every old school component from the past that made Rap the genre we’ve come to know and love today.


Everything Is Imaginary is an absolute gem that deserves all the impact it can muster. It’s an album that invites you into a world that is nostalgically identifiable but also freshly crafted with top notch production and performance value doused with more versatility than one could ever expect between a duo like Earleybird and Maria. This album is a true soundscape of atmosphere and will be held in high regard by anyone who comes into contact with it.  





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