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2017 Album "Earth Day" by Earleybird on green cassette.  Comes with a free download card for those who don't have cassette players.


Inspired by the environmental music of Marvin Gaye and movements to save the environment such as the resistance at Standing Rock, North Dakota, EARTH DAY is a twelve song masterpiece of rap protest music. Born on Earth Day, April 22nd, Earleybird is a revolutionary rap musician who addresses the very real problems of climate change, environmental destruction and the unsustainable ways of life many humans practice.  Even as most rap releases seem to rely on sampled production, EARTH DAY was entirely composed, written, performed, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered by Earleybird, and the album contains no musical samples. Earleybird is joined by the rappers Wex, K-Beta, Empuls and Silentmind, who all deliver passionate guest appearances. He is also joined by the beautiful voice of Maria on three tracks. EARTH DAY is a classic album about living in the madness that is the fall of late capitalism, and a rallying cry for those who love an earth under attack to heed as they fight back.

Earth Day Cassette

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