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I now have 50 limited edition copies of the EARTH DAY (2023) album. This album was originally released almost five years ago. It won't hit streaming until August 2023, but it's available on Bandcamp and my website right now!!


The original version had beats that contained no samples, I played everything on my keyboard. This version has royalty-free samples and I feel it is much better.


It is an album inspired by Marvin Gaye's 
"What's Going On?", and features several themes of environmentalism and resilience while the planet is being destroyed by nefarious forces.


I inverted the original cover art by Indigenous Artist Gregg Deal to reflect the dire current situation of the planet. There are also a lot of talented features on this project...Empuls, Silentmind, Wex, K-Beta and frequent collaborator Maria.  Limited quantities, buy one before they sell out!


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