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From breaking into a house, to being invited into one...

I don't think I shared this last year when it happened.

You may know my history with breaking into a stranger's house 20 years ago, while in a psychotic state when I was in my early twenties, chronicled in my father's Pulitzer Prize nominated book.

You may know about my recovery and road to redemption that started when I accepted the fact that I needed help, and my involvement in a Ken Burns' produced documentary, HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT, and the work I do to advocate for recovery and mental illnesses.

But did you know that last year, I was invited to go to the actual White House, along with producers, castmates and filmmakers, at the request of First Lady Dr. Jill Biden?

Unfortunately, I had COVID 19 at the time and was unable to make the trip inside the White House. I also missed a baby shower and a funeral that month because of my condition.

But my COVID 19 diagnois, which I have thankfully recovered from, didn't stop my father from attending. He had a great time. Hope the administration sees fit to invite me back some other time...

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